How To Use This Blog

Cycling Into The Future is a program to encourage safe cycling for kids.  This blog is a space of information and support for people who want to know more about how children can learn to ride with confidence and intelligence.

Each menu item at the top of this blog gives you a window into an important bike training issue.  Here is a brief table of contents for the pages above.


CAN-BIKE is a Canadian national program of cycling courses.  This page provides a link to the CAN-BIKE programs in Ontario.


Use this page if you want to contact Cycling Into The Future by phone or email.

Cycling Advocacy 

This page provides links to a number of excellent local cycling blogs, which bring up issues around biking in the Waterloo Region.

Cycling Into The Future

This page provides links to an overview of all the modules that were part of the Cycling Into The Future program.  This includes an overview of a rules & safety presentation, the repair & maintenance module, the rodeo riding segment, road training goals and assessment procedures.

Questions and Answers

This is a space for people to explore questions around bike training.  If you have a question please post it here.  Others are welcome to respond to questions, and I will do my best to get professional input on the topic.  The best way to ride on the road or to teach kids is not always clear.  This page helps us tackle important questions together.

Newspaper Article

Here is a link to an article about Cycling Into The Future.  The article was written on June 10. 2015 by reporter Catherine Thompson.

Training Videos

This page provides links to training videos that you may find helpful.  In particular, three training videos from the Manitoba Cycling Association help us understand in clear terms the importance of helmets, how to practice skills needed for safe cycling, and important principles for road riding.

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